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RightAnswer document solutions drive standardized methods for authoring, importing and maintaining hazmat labels, GHS labels, and other documents from a centralized application with distributed access. With the capability to interface with ERP, MRP and Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) or other solutions for automated authoring, variable content application, and controlled label printing, our document solutions reduce opportunities for human error, as well as minimize costs and unwanted variability.

RightAnswer document solutions can be used for virtually every type of structured document you have.

  • Labels (author or import)
    • Product/Hazard Warning Labels, GHS Labels
      • Bulk tags
      • Bottle
      • Bag
      • Box
      • Drum
      • Pail
      • FIBC
      • RIBC
      • Sample
      • Returnable container
      • And more
    • Other Labels
      • R&D shipping labels
      • R&D lab labels
      • Workplace labels
      • Sample labels
      • Waste labels
      • Inventory management labels
      • Auto ID/bar code labels
      • RFID tags
      • And more
  • EHS documents (author or import)
    • Material/Safety Data Sheets ((M)SDSs)
    • Transportation Data Sheets
    • Research Sample Safety Data Sheets (RSSDSs/RSDSs)
    • And More
  • Package Artwork (import)
    • Commercial, pre-printed bags, shipping boxes, etc.
    • Commercial labeling
    • Pamphlets
    • Inserts
    • And more
  • Logistics Documents (import or author)
    • Bill of Lading (BOL)
    • Certificate of Analysis (CofA)
    • Pick/pack lists
    • Border-crossing paperwork
    • Customs paperwork
    • Letters of Credit
    • And more
  • Marketing, Public Relations, Communications Materials (import or author)
    • Product specifications
    • Sales literature
    • Presentations
    • Promotional items
    • Artwork files
    • And more
  • Business Materials (import or author)
    • Legal, administrative and other business information - e.g., Microsoft® Word® documents
    • Presentation Documents - e.g., Microsoft® PowerPoint® files
    • Spreadsheet Documents - e.g., inventory information
    • Correspondence Materials - e.g., letterhead, envelopes, notepads, business card formats, etc.
    • And more

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