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Capabilities's document solutions deliver unsurpassed capability with sophisticated and robust features and functionality – all online in real time. From complex labeling to meet EPA requirements, to simple inventory labels, from SDSs to legal documents, our systems help our customers succeed in authoring and managing their documents without breaking the bank!

Subject matter experts can create labels, SDSs and other structured documents using native authoring tools:

  • Supports regulatory compliance standards: GHS, ANSI, Transportation (DOT, IATA, IMDG), WHMIS, etc.
  • Phrase and graphic, content options and management tools
  • Multi-language content management
  • Translations management
  • Highly functional integrated template design tools support various formats, sizes, and options
  • Automated authoring process options

RightAnswer document solutions allow you to import and manage documents/files created with other applications. Companies often use this functionality to:

  • Transition from their current Label or (M)SDS system to The RightAnswer® System
    • You can import current documents and use them right away
    • No need to wait to use RightAnswer's extensive document and authoring tools until you've replicated all your current documents
  • Collect and manage 3rd party (M)SDSs in one place:
    • Do you receive (M)SDSs from other companies?
    • You can import those into RightAnswer and have them all in one place to access and view as needed!
  • Manage packaging artwork and consumer labels or other high end graphic native files. Many file types have been imported into RightAnswer's document solutions – including files from proprietary systems that are completely unique! Most common are documents from the applications listed below:
    • Microsoft® Office
    • Quark Publishing System® / QuarkXPress®
    • Adobe® Photoshop®
    • Adobe® InDesign®
    • Proprietary Systems
    • and More
  • You can manage all your product packaging in one system with The RightAnswer® System!
  • Document management functionality works for imported documents too! For instance, version control, archiving, records retention management, and routing.
  • Print order management options can be purchased too! Imported documents requiring commercial printing can be managed with our Order Management tools. Make sure you never run out of packaging or commercially printed labels again!

Our document solutions streamline the review process, even with multiple parties in diverse locations (to meet your specific needs, the review process is optional):

  • Integrated routing
  • Automated email notices
  • Preview draft documents
  • Comment, request changes
  • Approve for publication
  • Track status

RightAnswer document solutions simplify the production and distribution process for all your documents. Output independent, our solutions integrate easily with your systems and other production and distribution tools:

  • Printer- and material-neutral; standard document output is a PDF
  • Print-On-Demand (POD) onsite, on location, when and where you need your documents
  • Supports adding variable content to labels just before printing, making it easy for plant personnel to meet last-minute business needs
  • Variable content options are extensive and include: lot #, weight(s), customer codes, serial or sequential numbering, bar codes, etc.
  • Order-On-Demand with 3rd party printing companies to consolidate and manage your print orders – labels, packaging, and more!
  • Automated document distribution options
  • Automated data exchange options

Maintain and Manage
Keep documents and files up to date with life-cycle management tools like automated version control and records retention/archiving built right in!

  • Everyone involved in creating or using labels, regardless of global location, can access and use a single system, simultaneously, in real time.
  • Automated tasks such as version control and records retention management save time and effort.
  • Integrated status and tracking information, automated email notifications, and extensive subject matter expert authoring options drive efficiency.
  • RightAnswer document solutions deliver global, robust functionality to meet your GHS labeling and other industrial document needs, eliminating multiple point solutions.

Archive and Records Retention Management

  • Effectively manage previous versions of documents – now and into the future with RightAnswer’s system functionality.
  • Save and store printed label versions including variable content!
  • Manage records retention with document level settings.
  • Manage discovery-freeze requirements with records retention management tools.
  • Our integrated archive means the technology to support historical files is carried forward so you won’t have to worry about finding hardware or software in the future to access, manage or output historical versions.

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