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RightAnswer is an industry leader in applying lean manufacturing principals to labeling and other document processes. If you have to create, maintain, use, print, and manage documents - The RightAnswer® System is for you!

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How do RightAnswer document solutions improve the labeling process?
Our systems drive standardized methods for authoring, importing, and maintaining labels (and other documents) from a centralized application with distributed access:

  • Everyone involved in creating or using labels, regardless of global location, can access and use a single system, simultaneously, in real time.
  • Automated tasks such as version control and records retention management save time and effort.
  • Integrated status and tracking information, automated email notifications, and extensive subject matter expert authoring tools drive efficiency.
  • RightAnswer document solutions deliver global, robust functionality to meet every known labeling need, eliminating multiple labeling point solutions.
  • Our systems are printer- and material-neutral; our standard output is a PDF.
  • Our systems support adding variable content to labels just before printing, making it easy for plant personnel to meet last-minute business needs.
  • Variable content options are extensive, including: lot #, weight(s), customer codes, serial or sequential numbering, bar codes, etc.
  • RightAnswer document solutions can be interfaced with ERP, MRP, Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) and other solutions to drive automated authoring, variable content application and label printing to reduce opportunities for human error, as well as minimize costs and unwanted variability.

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Why should I choose RightAnswer document solutions?
All companies (but particularly regulated-product companies like those who manufacture or handle chemicals) create, design, route, change, approve, output, report, and archive documents that are driven by regulations and compliance requirements.

The process of completing and certifying documents through typically complex, cross-functional areas takes tremendous effort.

RightAnswer document solutions shift work processes away from the confusing, difficult, and inefficient methods used by many companies today.

RightAnswer document solutions are the right answer for you if:

You need to:

  • Reduce the cost of label and SDS development and associated document management processes
  • Access and author labels and SDS documents globally in real-time
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements and reduce liability exposure
  • Archive and manage documents and records retention requirements
  • Increase efficiency by integrating data, files, and documents from multiple sources through a single user-friendly interface
  • Output and manage documents on demand, anywhere, anytime

You are an expert in:

  • GHS – Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals
  • EHS – Environment, Health, and Safety
  • Risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Corporate compliance
  • Transportation regulations
  • Distribution
  • Supply chain
  • Trademarks
  • Contract management
  • Manufacturing/Operations/Production
  • Knowledge/Data/Document management
  • Corporate/Brand identity
  • Label/Package design
  • Layout/Design/Formatting
  • Artwork file management
  • Document file maintenance
  • Packaging materials development, maintenance, and printing

Work with regulated products in various industries:

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agricultural
  • Biotech
  • Food
  • Nuclear/Waste

OR - If you are a shipper, distributor, or packager for regulated products.
AND - If you are a company needing document life-cycle management

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What makes RightAnswer different?

We understand your problems.
Experts with inside-the-chemical-industry experience developed these revolutionary systems. From start to finish, we understand the complex and varied processes of creating, using, maintaining, saving, recording, printing, reporting, and accessing documents, data, and related information across multiple functions and processes in diverse entities and regulated-product industries.

Global, integrated, life-cycle document management processes.
RightAnswer document solutions are designed to meet or exceed your global labeling and document management requirements. Our adaptable technologies, integrated work-flow processes, life-cycle management tools, and extensive features and benefits deliver what you really need - and will likely surpass previously known requirements.

From small, to big, or even to really big.
Any size company can now take advantage of the robust and advanced functionality of RightAnswer's document and labeling solutions. Historically implemented by very large organizations, RightAnswer document solutions now meet the needs cost-effectively for even the smallest organizations with our newest release of The RightAnswer System.

Flexible and scalable – with tools and options to meet every imagined need – The RightAnswer System will help you meet your IT specifications, user demands, customer requirements, and document compliance obligations – no matter how big, or small, your organization.

Our applications are 100% web-based with a SaaS subscription-based business model.
RightAnswer has been creating solutions and applications for the web and using internet technologies since 1998. Since 2001, our document solutions have all been 100% web-based and delivered through a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business model - all you need to get started is a computer connected to the internet - AND it's supported by system specialists and people who are industry experts – so your IT function can take a night off!

Web technologies are more easily updated and maintained and offer a very high level of flexibility. A subscription-based solution allows you to avoid capital expenditure and move forward quickly with implementation. No hardware or software to buy and install!

No more maintenance or upgrade hassles. The RightAnswer System, and all our document solutions, are managed and supported by knowledgeable industry experts. There is no need for your internal IT resources to manage or maintain our systems. We work with standard technologies and user tools to simplify implementation and reduce your internal resource support costs.

Our applications are constantly being enhanced to take advantage of the latest in leading-edge technologies.

  • General user enhancements are added regularly at no additional cost.
  • Significant product enhancements or new capabilities are made available for purchase.

First-hand industry knowledge, cutting-edge application capabilities, global business-to-business expertise - these things make RightAnswer different - and make our document and labeling solutions the right choice for you, right now!

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