Executive Bios

Glenn Hallett

Glenn Hallett is president and founder of RightAnswer.com, Inc., formerly the GCRH Corporation. It started as a side business where he consulted with clients such as Dow Chemical, the Grace A. Dow Library and the Midland Center for the Arts on systems integration, development and training. With a bachelor’s degree in general studies from the University of Michigan, focused on computer science, engineering and business computer systems, and human factors in information systems design, Glenn always had the wits and the drive to become a success.

He gained corporate experience from his full-time employment with The Dow Chemical Company, progressing through many positions, from systems analyst to information systems specialist where he designed breakthrough processes that created millions in savings for the company. A visionary and technical expert, Glenn is always conceiving innovative ways to optimize processes and improve efficiencies.

Outside the office, you’ll find him on or around the water at regional, national and international sailing competitions. As with his professional life, Glenn has progressed. The once-avid and accomplished competitor is now a mentor passing his expertise and passion to his children. Even though he’s in the next wave of life, his love for adventure and competition are still racing strong. Combine those characteristics with the precise, analytical duties of his day job, and it’s easy to see how his kids are now winning the races – while he keeps RightAnswer sailing toward success.

Glen Markham

As the business development leader for RightAnswer.com, Glen Markham has proven ability to analyze business trends and solve complex problems to drive revenue expansion. He can guide a team to successfully take prospective leads to a sale, and a sale to a long-term relationship.

For over two decades, he has been developing expertise in environmental, health and safety information technology. Glen has both entrepreneurial and corporate experience, including seven years leading sales teams at Thomson Reuters Healthcare. Whether developing business, marketing or product strategies or leading projects, staff and sales, Glen delivers.

Creative, competitive and self-motivated, he has two master’s degrees – an MBA and a master’s in computer information technology. You can say he’s got some good stuff going for him, so it’s not surprising he’s an integral part of the RightAnswer team.

When Glen’s not developing or closing deals, he’s playing lacrosse or tennis in community leagues. Competitive? Yeah – a little. An avid lacrosse and tennis player since college, he also spends time coaching and enjoys transferring his focus, team mindset and determination to the next generation. Whether on a team or not, Glen says, “I like to win.” And the RightAnswer team likes it, too.

Miles Thomson

Miles Thomson oversees strategic planning and brings his savvy business expertise to RightAnswer.com, along with his enthusiastic appetite for success and life. He has a bachelor’s in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business. His resume includes 20+ years at companies like DuPont and J&J, and another 20+ years investing, launching and succeeding in business ventures across various industries.

If you’re wondering what Miles isn't good at, it’s retiring. “It doesn't work so well for me,” he said.

So, with over 40 years of business success and two retirements behind him, he decided to work with RightAnswer.com. That turned into an exciting journey of business growth, global development and strategic planning success. Miles was vital in negotiating the acquisition of the Corporate Solutions business from Thomson Reuters – and part of the successful transition and integration of this acquisition at RightAnswer.

But it wasn't just the work at RightAnswer.com that drew him in. “These are people with the highest integrity. People with whom I’m comfortable having a handshake agreement,” he added.

Besides his passion for business, Miles plays golf, reads nonfiction (he’s a self-proclaimed information junkie) and enjoys playing competitive duplicate bridge. “I’ll never master the game, so it’s a continual challenge,” he explained.

Miles admits he’s not as competitive as he used to be. However, “You can still access my Type-A behavior.” Well, that’s probably why he’s still working with RightAnswer. And why RightAnswer trusts him to go for slam when it comes to their business strategy.

Ellen Hallett

As chief operations officer and VP of business development, Ellen wears many hats at RightAnswer.com. And she’s earned each and every one.

After receiving her bachelor’s in industrial design from the University of Michigan, she started her career working for a nuclear engineering consulting company in Chicago. She then spent a few years providing design consulting services to companies in Chicago, Boston and Midland. The next nine years were spent in several positions with increased responsibility and leadership for The Dow Chemical Company. Her roles there covered packaging and design, communications, purchasing, warehouse and terminals management for Dow’s West Coast Region, and supply chain process implementation. She returned to her entrepreneurial roots founding a consulting firm for marketing communications and design for three years prior to joining RightAnswer.

Today she keeps the RightAnswer business up to date and running smooth while adding a bit of creativity and motivation to everything and everyone. Strategic planning, product development, operations management and customer relations, PR, branding, trademarks and patents … she does it all and does it well.

When she’s not at work, you can find Ellen on the golf course. Whether she’s setting up for a long drive or a putt, she’s there to win and loves the challenge. We guess it’s just in her nature to creatively negotiate the landscape in front of her and swing through to success. RightAnswer employees aren't surprised at all – she does it for them every day.

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