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TOMES Plus® System

Medical, hazard and regulatory information, exposure evaluation, emergency response guidelines and regulatory compliance from a variety of trusted resources.

HAZARDTEXT™ Hazard Management

Initial response to hazardous material spills, leaks and fires, toxicology and environmental effects, and evacuation and disposal guidelines. Documents include:

  • Substances and synonyms
  • Clinical effects
  • Treatment
  • Range of toxicity
  • Hazard data, management

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MEDITEXT® Medical Management

Regularly updated information for acute chemical exposure evaluation, treatment and reporting from industrial hygiene, medical and safety specialists. Documents include:

  • Substances and synonyms
  • Clinical effects of exposure
  • Medical surveillance/laboratory evaluation
  • Case reports
  • Exposure treatment
  • Range of toxicity
  • Kinetics
  • Pharmacology/toxicology
  • Standards and labels
  • Physiochemical parameters

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INFOTEXT® Regulations, Standards & General Information

Regulatory listings and data for nonchemical-specific areas like ergonomics, endocrine disruptors and health risk assessment. INFOTEXT offers general health and safety data on nonchemical-specific topics such as ergonomics and human health risk assessments.

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1st Medical Response® Protocols

Describes basic and advanced life support measures.

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RTECS® (Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances)

Offers toxicity data on approximately 170,000 substances. Extracted from scientific literature worldwide, the information includes specifics on mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, reproductive hazards, and acute and chronic toxicity of hazardous substances.

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HSDB® (Hazardous Substances Data Bank – National Library of Medicine)

Addresses the impact of more than 4,500 hazardous chemical substances on health and the environment.

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CHRIS (Chemical Hazard Response Information System – U.S. Coast Guard)

Presents information for initial response to aquatic incidents involving hazardous materials.

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OHM-TADS (Oil and Hazardous Materials/Technical Assistance Data System – U.S. EPA)

Discusses the environmental effects of petroleum products and other hazardous materials.

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IRIS (Integrated Risk Information Systems – U.S. EPA)

Offers U.S. EPA health risk assessment information used in determining safe levels of human and environmental exposure to chemicals.

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NIOSH Pocket Guide (National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health)

Contains critical industrial hygiene data for approximately 675 chemicals with information on exposure limits, U.S. IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health) concentrations, incompatibilities and reactivities, personal protection, and recommendations for respirator selections.

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New Jersey Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets (New Jersey Department of Health)

Employee-oriented exposure risk information useful when addressing worker right-to-know issues and developing training programs.

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ERG (Emergency Response Guide – NAERG – North American Emergency Response Guide)

Contains information necessary to identify a substance, isolate and contain it, and evacuate an area in cases of hazardous incidents.

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