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OnSite™ Application

RightAnswer.com provides user-friendly software for off-line use.

news-first_responderWhether you're an EHS professional or hazmat first responder, when you need information, you need it now ... wherever you are. RightAnswer makes sure you have the right access to the right information. Delivered to you via USB memory stick or multiple CDs, our OnSite™ Application is specifically designed for those who need immediate information – no matter where they are – on a wide scope of chemicals and their effects on people and the environment. Designed to run from a USB memory stick, or installed on a local or network drive, the OnSite Application is an attractive option when Internet connectivity is unavailable or access is intermittent.

Updated quarterly, our latest version of the OnSite Application has many enhanced features – including a new optimized user interface, improved search functionality for data and documents, and logical bookmarking for easy retrieval of frequently referenced documents.

OnSite™ System Requirements

Hardware and Operating System Requirements

  • Intel PC Hardware
  • USB Port (for memory stick option only)
  • CD Drive (for CD option only)
  • Recommended Screen Size/Resolution – 1024x768 pixels or higher
  • Windows Operating System (O/S) – Vista, 7, 8, 10

    Effective April 2014, Microsoft discontinued support for the Windows XP operating system.
    Effective April 2017, RightAnswer will no longer support the OnSite Application running on Windows XP. While the OnSite Application may continue to run on the XP operating system, RightAnswer will no longer support any compatibility issues that may arise.

Working Memory (RAM) Requirements

  • Minimum: 512 MB of RAM
  • Recommended: 1024 MB (1 GB) of RAM

Disk Space Requirements

  • USB Memory Stick Install – Not needed if run from the memory stick

NOTE: 2 GB of disk space is required to hold the installer image and the expanded installed application. Once the application is installed, the installer image may be discarded or copied to another location for backup, freeing up the drive space required.

RightAnswer understands that sometimes you need information when you’re not in front of your computer. You’ve asked for a mobile version of our Knowledge Solutions. It’s available now! RightAnswer’s new OnHand™ mobile interface offers you all the integrated data and functionality of our OnLine™ Application – optimized for smartphones and tablets. Learn more about our OnHand™ mobile interface.

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